Finalists' Selection Process

Nomination for all eleven categories are submitted to the Mankato Sports Commission. Nominations are accepted from any member of the general public prior to the posted deadline. Nomination criteria is listed on the nomination form. Forms are available on the Mankato Sports Commission website.

The selection committee comprised of local knowledgeable sports and community members determines the finalists in each category. The committee makes every effort to rank the nominations and select the finalists based on their athletic excellence and without bias. Once the finalists are determined by the committee, they each receive one secret ballet vote per category, which is submitted to the Visit Mankato President who uses these votes to tally each respective winner. Committee members are not aware of the winners until they are announced the evening of the banquet.

Once the finalists are selected the Mankato Sports Commission notifies them personally. After contact with the finalists has been made the Mankato Sports Commission posts the finalists on the Sports Commission website and sends out a media release.

If you feel you possess a wide knowledge of the Mankato area amateur sports world and would like to be considered as a possible member of this committee in the future, get in touch with Joy Leafblad, Sports Commission Director to share this interest.

The top five nominees from each category will be selected and announced on August 12, 2019. Finalists will be honorary guests of the event. The winners will be presented at the Annual Regional Awards Banquet on Monday, September 23, 2019.